Monday, April 03, 2006

"Expert" would turn back the clock

It was not enough to tell people to change their diet. The Government should change food pricing so that unhealthy foods were more expensive and "good" food was cheaper.

So says an overseas "expert". So all the people who eat "unhealthy" food in moderation should be penalised because some people stuff themselves with it. Come to think of it, who will decide which foods should merit higher taxes because they are "unhealthy", when they are only "unhealthy" when consumed in large quantities day in and day out?

Apart from which this guy doesn't understand that the international trend is towards economic liberalisation and away from govt intervention in markets. The answer lies in persuading individuals to eat better by making them responsible for their own health - not in govt market manipulation.

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Brian Smaller said...

My kids eat what I give them and I give them the best that I can afford. Decent, hearty breakfasts. They take to school a lunch consisting of a roll or sandwich, a couple of fruit options, a homemade muffin or biscuit or two. Water is available free at school. If I give the kids a dollar each to buy tmeselves a treat at the dairy (usually some god-awful lollies or sugar-laced can of drink), whi should I be taxed because some other ignorant child abusers send their kids to school with the "treat".