Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"We thought we'd got rid of you for the weekend"

The Manawatu Standard has the story behind a QSM recipient, Lew Findlay, who richly deserves the recognition. One of his efforts was setting up a volunteer organisation called Street Van which works to get kids off the streets and home on Friday and Saturday nights.

Standing in The Square, Mr Findlay mused on how much the city has changed. Glue sniffing and solvent abuse wasn't the problem it was 15 years ago today's problems were alcohol and drug fuelled.

"P and marijuana, and RTDs. They're everywhere."

He has a simple recipe to fix most of society's woes. It is that parents should love their kids.

He's lost count of the times young teens have been delivered home by Street Van volunteers, to be greeted with a blast from parents who couldn't care less.

"Twelve- and 14-year-olds being told, what are you doing back here? We thought we'd got rid of you for the weekend."

It'd make you cry.

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brian_smaller said...

Actually it doesn't make me cry. It just makes me shake my head in disbelief. Those types of people are not human, in the homo-sapiens sense. They are definately some sort of devolved parralel branch of humanity.