Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mark to stand in Rimutaka

Just heard on radio - Ron Mark is standing in Rimutaka.

That explains why he has been turning up at the same meetings I've been at.

Could he win it? He has a following and Paul Swain is retiring. Who is the Labour candidate? A young Chris Hipkins. Won't touch Mark's mana.

Winston's bacon could be saved yet again. Damn. Surely not.


Sus said...

Here's a thought, Lindsay. Turn that thought around ...

1. If the Rimutaka electorate realises that electing Mark means retaining Win (should he stay on as leader; let's say for argument's sake that he does); that alone might be reason for them *not* to vote for Mark.

2. Mark, second-guessing this, might then have good reason to see (back?) Win's demise as leader, effectively giving NZF a re-born ticket. The *new* NZF, if you like.

The sniff of power, after all, makes people do funny things!


Michael said...

This is not news - it's been a persistant rumour for months so not unexpected.

I don't think Ron Mark will be a factor, his biggest problem is that winning Rimutaka means Winston would be back.

Plus all the dodgy history that Ron Mark has (leaving his wife and kids, the finger in Parliament) will count against him.

Personally, I think this is good news for Richard Whiteside (Nat's candidate) as Ron Mark is a 'safe' home for blue collar Labour voters who don't want to vote National.

Oswald Bastable said...


Shit sticks and Winston has thrown so very much of it about.

Tough for Ron mark- he's not a bad bloke , but you lie down with dogs- you get up with fleas...

Anonymous said...

Mark connives with corruption and treason.

it's that simple. Neither he, his leader, nor anyone else in NZF should be eligible to vote or stand for election.