Sunday, February 13, 2022

Protest perspective

To be amongst the protestors is both calming and exhilarating. There's a strong sense of trust in one another which has been long denied by lockdown separations, physical distancing and masking. People are working together to overcome adversities thrown at them by nature or the state. They know here, they can talk freely. For the first time in ages they actually feel safe in a physical community beyond the internet. 

But MPs - all of them - want you believe the protestors are 'unsafe.' That the city streets are being made unsafe by their presence. Now the protest site is 'unhygienic' and 'contamination' lurks. Faeces has been spotted (so have many well-cared for dogs attached to the protestors.)

Those who long ago lost trust in government can recognise alarmist media reporting and political propaganda when they see it.  

I'd choose to sit with these people any day over a parliamentary select committee.


Rodney Hide said...

It's appalling that MPs have refused to engage with the protestors. I would have thought this protest to be right up the Green's and Act's respective streets. But no. They backing the state and Pfizer.

But most shocking of all has been the media. They have looked down on the protests and reported clear lies. To what end? I thought journos were supposed to speak truth to power. They now peddle state lies.

The live feeds give a clear lie t the Main Stream Media.

We can all see what is happening from multiple viewpoints live. The media re totally exposed.

Rodney Hide

Rick said...

Unsafe? Better quarantine all those those police then!

The other bit of narrative is 'disorganisation'. I've seen rubbish details, codes of conduct, food prep and distribution, drainage and straw for the sodden ground. I saw unpaid, untrained, free people successfully resist a huge line of uniformed professionals deployed to see them off. I've seen a first aid stand and a billet system to over-night the cyclone. There's citizen media coverage, PA systems and speeches, and there's legal outreach and support to everyone the police have kidnapped.

Glorious Anarchy!

The Slippery Slope said...

Delighted you're there.
I'm baking up a storm to send down in the donation truck.

Kiwiwit said...

I went down to the protest today and observed a very peaceful, happy, hippy crowd. It appeared well organised with food, laundry services, toilets, and minimal disruption to traffic. They look to be overwhelmingly out-of-towners, working class, and with strong representation of Maori activists, but Mallard’s Neo-Nazis were nowhere to be seen.