Thursday, November 26, 2020

The inexorable move to separatism

Maori and non-Maori partner at very high rates. StatsNZ: "In the 1996 census, 66 percent of partnerships involving people of Maori ethnicity were partnerships between a Maori and non-Maori partner."

After reading the statements by various government and state agency players speaking to the Waitangi Tribunal yesrday there is no doubt in my mind that a move to separate child protection systems is developing. For instance:

Assistant Māori Commissioner for Children Glenis Philip-Barbara said the government must determine whether iwi and hapū could take on a transfer of power from Oranga Tamariki.

"What we're asking for is for the government to recognise mana Māori by handing over the power to define, determine and decide what 'good' looks like for tamariki Māori to Māori.

"I don't think we've had a better time in our history as a nation to realise this dream. I'm hopeful that government will step back and understand how important it is to share power as a Treaty partner."

Putting aside the politics, what will this mean for real people?

If a child has any Maori blood, his or her interests will be decided solely by Maori?

Envisage a Maori whanau versus a non-Maori family vying for custody of their mokopuna/grandchild. It isn't difficult to imagine the heartaches that will be involved if the non-Maori family's rights are dismissed because whakapapa links are the most important consideration.

The principle is already given a great deal of weight under current legislation but it can't dominate to the cost of all else.

Stability and security must be paramount when deciding the best interests of children. It's a colourblind requisite. 

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Hilary Taylor said...

You don't have to have been concentrating very hard to discern the real separatist agenda on the part of everyone with an axe to grind in this fuss. It's clear Moss won't last in the face of the onslaught and it's even clearer that hardly anyone mentions the children at stake, except for a few brave social workers who try to insert them back into the debate. It's all about the rights of all & sundry, Maori rights, iwi/hapu rights...beggar the safety of children. WHat any observer over the years is entitled to ask is 'what's changed from all the historical reviews, tinkering and permutations/iterations of the welfare agency involved to date?' Children are still dying at the rate of about 1 a month. What we're meant to conclude now is that this is because of systemic racism and 'Maori for Maori' will manage better. What's stopped them til now? Your points are entirely valid and the race division is artificial and dangerous.