Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pronoun ommission an offence?

The Public Service Commissioner is recommending employees include a pronoun in email signatures. This to signal their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Get this:

Having pronouns in an email signature signals you as an LGBTQIA+ ally.

So, if you don't want to add 'she/her' or  'he/him' to your signature you are an LGBTQIA+ enemy?

This is exactly like the compulsion to actively support 'black lives matter' or be told your 'silence is violence'.

The use of coercion to make people think and behave in ways the state sees fit is reprehensible.

If a transgender or gender diverse person wants to adopt the practice, fine.

Surely we don't all have to be the same. Isn't that the point about diversity?

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Anonymous said...

I'm nearing my three score years. Growing up there was the expression "She's the cat's mother" meaning show respect and use their name rather than only the pronoun.
Given the ever changing L+ divisors how does one keep up with the correct indicator pronoun? Could this affect promotions if not using "correct" pronouns?