Friday, May 01, 2020

1,000 people a day going on a benefit


God, I really feel for them. That's all.


captainofthegate said...

One way of increasing Labour voters is to increase the length of the welfare queue. With plausible deniability, the labour ministers can wreak havoc at the moment. This seems obvious, but maybe its not. Now is the time for independent thought.

captainofthegate said...

Wonder if welfare receipt correlates with Labour voting tendency?

If so would it be plausible that Labour seeks electoral dominance through destroying the economy. Of course never admitting it.

Sam said...

As someone who is without a job, the best thing for me would be to vote for anyone who would be willing to generously give me more of everyone elses money.

The best thing for the country is perhaps a different matter.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Sam, You may not have a job right now but you clearly have a brain. Where in
NZ are you? My readership isn't big but you are quite welcome to use this blog to advertise yourself.

Sam said...

The offer is much appreciated. I'm looking at finishing off some study in the 2nd half of this year (making the most of this unfortunate situation the country finds itself in).