Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Dancing on the grave of Radio Sport

I recently wrote a piece about the forced  feminization of society.

Here's another blow for the boys. The death of Radio Sport, much to the delight of someone called Zoe George who, if the internet links are up-to-date, is paid by the state via RNZ.

She must have listened in to Radio Sport's farewell episode on Monday furiously scrawling her complaints, counting how many times sportswomen women weren't mentioned, taking offence at the blokiness and a derogatory mention of Paris Hilton (who I am sure subscribes to the adage '... any publicity is good publicity'), fulminating whilst formulating  "Why Radio Sport missed the mark."

"Only four female voices were heard among the sea of middle-aged men on Monday's show."

She quotes a female journalist who worked there briefly saying, "Radio Sport was never able to shake that macho appeal."

Well here's a thought. Perhaps it didn't want to.

Just where can men be men anymore?

A commercial enterprise, Radio Sport doubtless died from the lack of sport, sponsorship, advertising etc. under lock down conditions. More Covid collateral.

But no. Along comes this publicly-funded person to tell us all that it failed, "missed the mark"  because it refused to submit to feminization.

In conclusion she crows,"By taking all these blokes off the airwaves, the percentage of female sports journalists is higher than ever before."

Says it all really doesn't it?


alloytoo said...

Some people will dance on any grave, then they're surprised and perplexed when they fall into an empty one.

Andrei said...

"Only four female voices were heard among the sea of middle-aged men on Monday's show."

That sneer suggest the middle aged male demographic should not have their interests catered for.

Of course journalism today is dominated by liberla females who tink they are oracles of wisdom and nonpareils of sophistication - hah

One News has become unwatchable with its gaggle of fishwives pontificating on subjects they know little about.

My God tonight the News was led with yet another dressing down from the Head Mistress this time because people were not lined up in orderly rows as they waited fo collect their "junk food" from the establishments she has placed "out of bounds" for the past five weeks

I just couldn't cope but luckily I have a remote with an off switch, a technological marvel unavailable to me way back when I was in short pants and had to endure what the school marms used to dish out.