Tuesday, April 07, 2020

We are not all in this together

The feminization of society isn't  the overlay of feminist values. No. It's the overlay of natural feminine tendencies. Don't tell me they don't exist. Most females become mothers. They are biologically designed to nurture. To bond through touch and soft murmurs. To provide their bodies to their babies (and lovers) as cushions and warmth. They placate, they adjudicate. They practice kindness with reasonable ease because that is at the core of the jigsaw puzzle piece they are.

Mine is a traditional but organic view of what a women is. She is not less than a man. And she is not more.

Now we get state-sponsored kindness shoved down our throats ad nauseum. It's unnatural. And it isn't what everyone can or should be expected to show.

Each of us has their own very personal ways of contributing not necessarily recognized as conventional kindness.

Right now some of those ways have been stolen from us. A man shows his care by providing what his family needs to function. That's his demonstration of commitment. He may not particularly like what he has to do to 'bring home the bacon' but there is some reward in the knowledge he keeps the family going and together.

Yes, this is my own overlay - hopelessly old-fashioned given so many parents both work; sometimes only the mother works and the father does most of the daytime parenting.

But I speak here about the essence of what still lies at the core of the male/female differences. And always will.

The new mental health campaign in the middle of the Covid 19 lock up is terribly nice in its messaging but it is going to make as much sense to a redundant male as Arabic on the back of a bus. Worse, it'll piss him off.

He didn't get sacked because he did something wrong. He lost his job, his source of self-esteem because the government shut down the economy.

Now the head of that government is telling him to 'wave to people and say Hi', that 'You are not alone'.

Cut off from the very people who would normally laugh off this smothering feminization of society he's never felt more alone.


Kiwiwit said...

Well said. Being told to “be kind” by an authoritarian government is galling. I think we all would’ve benefited from some decisive leadership earlier in this threat (in closing the border, securing test kits and drugs, etc) rather than platitudes. Decisiveness is not necessarily a masculine trait but we certainly don’t see it in the current political leadership.

Oi said...

Well said!

Mark Wahlberg said...

Ditto, well said Lindsay.. People who couldn't feed themselves or their families before this thing started, can't feed themselves now. But, be kind, give a wave and a smile and stay in the bubble. I cant see this "thing" producing anything but trouble which will bubble up with a capital T.
In the meantime I'm not washing my hands 20 times a day and I scratch my unshaven face while unblocking the kitchen sink. We are in our bubble with enough common sense to see us through. Bring it on!!