Sunday, January 28, 2018

Winston picking winners

Readers know I love my horse racing. The industry has been screaming for more government support because that's why it's so much healthier in Australia (and hurting our industry in the process).

Today Racing Minister Winston Peters apparently promised an all weather track at the cost of $10 million (double it for starters) and either promised or called for tax breaks because the industry (breeding in particular) brings in so much money.

If tax breaks can make one industry stronger, then they can make any industry stronger.

Government picking winners is a recipe for corruption and injustice. We cannot expect New Zealanders who have not a skerrick of interest in the racing industry to disproportionately pay taxes to advance it.

Tax breaks are not subsidies if they are applied universally. Reduce tax period.

You are a guardian of public money Winston. Not a private investor.

On the upside, I am looking forward to our Prime anti-poverty crusader getting it in the neck today over her government's support for "rich pricks".


Anonymous said...

The track funding will easily be covered by the extra tax the COL screw out of those rich private landlords.


Anonymous said...

It really was power at any price by Labour wasn't it. They gave up whatever he asked for, despite his low polling figures. At least National had integrity and the sense to tell him 'No.' Labour will be tainted by Winston and his greedy antics, so well deserved.

Don W said...

I wonder how much of his own money Winston has invested in the racing industry, apart from his own money spent at the TAB. Hey, it is other peoples money, He doesn't give a shit,typical politician that treats other peoples money with utter contempt and total disregard.