Friday, January 19, 2018

Interesting silence

Latest benefit statistics show year-on-year decreases.

Should National or Labour take credit for this?

Quarterly benefit data release typically elicits party pressers.

No mention in the media so neither finds a political gain to shout about.

National could justifiably claim credit. Maybe still knocked off for summer.


Anonymous said...

Today the media is awash with Jacinda's baby news, so maybe National are waiting so any announcements won't be drowned out in the rush of excitement! National's job just became harder!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Given the much clamoured-for equality, I look forward to feminists asserting she is still fair game for aggressive political attack. Trouble is, deeper-seated values say she isn't. Or shouldn't be.

Anonymous said...

Its to National's credit. Labour will see the trend reverse, hopefully briefly, as they go soft on the welfare recipients. To expect other outcomes from an ask no questions, please take the money approach is to ignore human condition.