Thursday, January 18, 2018

Make-work Mistakes

Treasury has made a cock-up.

Some sort of coding error related to the accommodation supplement has meant their calculations about the reduction in child poverty are incorrect.

So what? They are probably going to be incorrect anyway because there are so many variables at play. What is going to happen in the housing market for instance. How potential parents are going to react to the $3,000 baby bonus. How unemployment trends, etc etc.

But the number of well-paid boffins studying poverty plebs will swell as Treasury seeks to review and understand where it went wrong.

It's an absurdity.


Barry said...

"So what?" I think that's a really good answer!

Anonymous said...

Poverdy, according to Ardern. What a joke, our hard earned tax cuts cancelled for their socialist mumbo-jumbo, which they can't even get right. So sad our decent National led govt was replaced with a bunch of virtue signalling, out of their depths novices. Sigh. MMP is a bastard system, and Winston had should never have had any sort of total power. Now we live with the consequences. Didn't take long for it to all turn to custard.

Anonymous said...

Now we are going to have Winston as PM, omg what next. This is unreal. No wonder he chose Labour, National would never have given him the PM role, at seven percent of the vote, and nor should they have. Actually, I am glad they stayed away from him, the guy is toxic and he played Ardern and co to the max. One term govt, fingers crossed. Once Winnie is PM for a length of time the electorate will not be amused. Most of the nation voted against NZ First, and he thinks he should be PM. You couldn't make this dreadful stuff up!