Monday, January 29, 2018

Heather Du Plessis - oxygen for the suffocating

Heather du Plessis-Allan is now the morning talk host at Wellington NewstalkZB.

I've never understood why the station doesn't just can the Wellington programme and let Leighton Smith blast us. But demand for localism  prevailed. This combined with a moderate host stopped me listening.

Now Heather, I am going to disagree with plenty of times but at least she takes a position with conviction. After years of not participating I was compelled to ring and express a view this week.

At only 33 she has clearly avoided the offence and victimhood virus most prevalent and contagious  in young adulthood.

If you are in Wellington - or the NewstalkZB listening area -  I can commend her to you.


Anonymous said...

I was a casual ZB listener (in the car usually) but the news of HDPA taking over left me cold. The car radio stays off now (apart from Hosking on my early morning short drive to work) and I confess I don't miss it really - I haven't listened to HDPA at all. I do like L Smith and wish he was on in Wellington but suspect he's on the way out and only saved by his ratings which a commercial operation just cannot ignore. Alas.


gravedodger said...

We in the village of the damned are blessed with two AM offerings 1017 and 1098 and both relay Chris Lynch who has some talent when covering one of the National links for absent hosts where he adopts a more worldly personna, then he returns to provincial and "Agnes from Bromley" bores the audience with parochial nonsense.

Several attempts to get Leightons effort on one of the two bands to management have been fobbed off, leaving the more discerning to grasp at Timaru's cast with much poorer reception that has an electric fence and another interference that resembles a washing machine, while Lynch sails on with his two bands in the clear.
It is possible as Jamie McKay gets one band for an hour at noon while the other relays the noon to four pap from Dorkland. At One they resume twin de livery from north of the Bombays.

Leaves one concluding Mr Smiths clear atraction to commercial reality is anathema to people with the power therefore Agnes gets the nod.

Not a great prospect that Leighton is in his last hurrah, too many hours between Hosking and Larry Williams. so off button will acivate in about eleven months.

That said HdPA has matured a little in recent times.

Jigsaw said...

I wrote to ZB protesting the banal and just plain terrible Kerre who is destined to replace Leighton but I got the usual pap back claiming that she has a great following and that Leighton was irreplacable. So I plan to enjoy this year and then switch off. Whereas Leighton brings to the programme each day a topic plus the background and depth she brings just the most mundane and pathetic approach. Sad.

Oi said...

Once Leighton Smith has left ZB, so will I
Bruce Russell is tho only other host left there worth listening to, and he is besieged by the halfwits that seem to come out when the sun goes down