Friday, April 10, 2015

The steep decline in tobacco use without prohibition

The steep decline in tobacco use without prohibition

While a certain level of criminalisation has gradually been imposed, ie it is a crime to smoke in certain places, tobacco is still a legal, albeit highly addictive, substance.


Jamie said...

Bloody expensive too. Costs an arm and a leg before you even get it out of the packet

Jigsaw said...

Smoking has become socially less acceptable but mainly in the middle class. As a long time ex-smoker I can smell it miles away now and find it most offensive to have people around who smoke-especially where there is food. I think that you are right and its use will naturally die out. I certainly hope so. On the other hand if people want to smoke-as long as its well away from me, then they are welcome.

Anonymous said...

We may not have "prohibition" but we have everything but. Another reason why you'd be freer in Poland, say, in 1965 than in NZ in 2015