Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ex ACT leader says, would vote Green

Rodney Hide draws attention to the Green's upcoming leadership decision. Hide backs James Shaw as 
someone who could work with National on environmental problems, someone who could actually take the Greens into government for the first time, ending

Shaw can win more votes. He can also do something more important: he can put the Greens into power. Picture the look on Peters' face if the Greens blocked him from Government. I would vote Green 2017 just for that.

Sufficiently interested in this scenario I looked up James Shaw's maiden speech. Indeed he is an interesting character with a colourful business background.

A couple of excerpts that must have had some Green MPs cringing:
Now, I’m a huge fan of the market. When it comes to setting prices and allocating scarce resources it usually beats the alternatives hands down....

I am not committed to partisanship for its own sake. Political tribalism is, I believe, the single greatest barrier to creating enduring solutions to the great challenges of our time.



Jigsaw said...

Rodney is dreaming! The Greens are solidly left, indeed the green image is a carefully cultivated one to hide the red agenda. It's fanciful in the extreme to imagine anything like Green support for National party in any form at all. Even the agreement between to the two parties over insulating houses made both parties look uncomfortable.

Manolo said...

Shaw could well be a Trojan horse, because the Greens are, and have always been, at the very left of the political spectrum.