Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Immunisation rates by decile

Decile 10 in the health system is the poorest (it's opposite in the education system). A number of people have been heard expressing the view that it's either poor people neglecting their children who aren't immunising, or that its "middle / upper class arty farty luvvies mummies who spend far too much time doing Yoga and eating Tofu" as a commentor on WhaleOil posted.

The latest breakdown I can find shows that non-immunisation occurs almost evenly across deciles.

ACT Leader David Seymour has come out in favour of the "no jab, no pay" policy citing obligations on parents being assisted by the state to raise their children. Also Dr Lance O'Sullivan from Northland  says he is prepared to make a "call on it" having seen the results of non-immunisation in hospitals all too often.

The PM is sticking with the parental choice argument, citing Bill of Rights. (If only the Bill of Rights was upheld universally but it generally only makes an appearance when governments want to observe it - not when they want to ignore it.)

I'm still seeing the benefit aspect as a side issue.

But here is where we are in a different boat to Australia. Immunisation rates have been improving quite dramatically due to DHBs efficient and successful pursuance of targets. Beneficiary parents already have the obligation to get their child enrolled with Well Health. That leads on to immunisation.

In Australia, according to media reports, the non-immunisers are increasing.

Beneficiaries who are claiming to be "conscientious objectors" to resist immunising their children are probably not neglectful parents. Same with non-beneficiary parents. They may be misguided and pissing off the majority but if social security law is going to be used to stop them behaving in this way,  should we also find a law to stop non-beneficiary parents behaving similarly?

Then again ... the other part of my brain says people who want to live off the rest of society have sacrificed some rights and choices. If they don't like the paternalistic state they should keep themselves as free from it as they can.


S. Beast said...

Vaccines can't be given to anyone with compromised immunity, therefore those who truly objects will simply find themselves ill around vaccine time.

Compulsory vaccination for those on welfare will only result in high compliance costs.

The US has recently indicated bringing in laws to make vaccination compulsory for the entire population. I hope they are only meaning the standard, well tried vaccines. If it also applies to new vaccines the lobbyists have really outdone themselves.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't stopping the dole for non-vaxxers.

The problem is the dole & DPB & etc still goes to drinkers, drivers, dope-smokers, P-heads, unionists, and all the rest.

Ideally we'd just cancel the dole and the DPB. But if we don't - we have a responsibility to the children to prevent parents engaging in behaviours that harm their kids - that includes non-vaxxing but lots else besides

Anonymous said...

This issue is another moral high horse for people to engage in. Act should be thinking about the following: Security or freedom. Can't have one without the other. The State forcing Mums and Dads to take a vaccination for any reason should worry him deeply.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there an implicit social contract? We taxpayers pay parents (DPB, WFF, etc) so they can care for their children and ensure they and their children make a positive contribution to society. As a taxpayer I am happy to pay that in the knowledge that there is a public good from which I indirectly benefit.

If those parents refuse to vaccinate, then they are not only failing their duty to care, but also their broader duty to be positive members of society.
Parents should have the freedom to do refuse vaccination, but they then shouldn't expect the other side of the contract - payments from the State.

Unknown said...

I do believe there can be serious side effects from vaccination and as such it should always be up to parents and not the state that decides on this procedure. If your child is vaccinated and if it works as we are told, what does it matter if others don't get their children vaccinated? I'm also led to believe that vaccines aren't as effective as has been made out.