Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Low on sympathy

Are you ready for an avalanche of these hardship stories?

To some people, this family would be well-off. A net income of over $1,000 weekly. In their own home, receiving a taxpayer subsidy to pay their mortgage. Receiving a taxpayer subsidy to raise their children which they keep having even when apparently already living on a shoestring.

There are going to be lots of these middle-class moanings and groanings as IRD jiggles  child support assessments and payments about.

One comment. It's the ex that is the problem in this particular spat. She's still on welfare while the daughter is 13 years-old. Yes, she may have had more children and more broken relationships in the interim. Whatever, she provides a fine example of the state-run sole parent industry.

Thank you NZ taxpayers. Except nobody is saying thank you. Most just complain. Including people like me who are heartily sick of the whole stupid set-up.


Daddy said...

Your heading does it for me. It appears that the third child is a choice so that immediately drops my sympathy level to zero.

As an aside, does anyone else think $21/week for phone bills is a bit high?

Mark Hubbard said...

Yes. No sympathy here, either.

Brendan W said...

We need less single parents in NZ, however I suspect the people who might be encouraged to become a single parent are unlikely to read these 'hardship' stories and so there is no chance to reduce single parenting.

Actually a cost of $21 for a phone bill is true.
If you have a $74 slingshot plan for internet and phone, plus $19 a month for a text/data/minute cellphone package with 2 degrees comes to over $21 a week.