Thursday, October 31, 2013

'Memorandums of Understanding' with Maori

It'd be interesting to know where these  MoUs fit with whanau ora.

Regardless, that Maori are confronting the CYF-related problem by tribe is probably positive. Collectivism is still a way of thinking and living for many Maori. We can rightfully complain when it imposes a burden on those outside of the collective but that doesn't automatically confer a right to demand Maori adopt individualism. If their child abuse and neglect problems can be eased best through the tribal community, all well and good. That the negotiations have been with a National government rather than Labour gives me more cause for optimism.

Child, Youth and Family and Tainui connect

Hon Paula Bennett
Minister for Social Development

Associate Minister of Housing

31 October 2013 Media Statement

Child, Youth and Family and Tainui connect
An agreement between CYF and Tainui marks a new understanding and connection between the two says Social Development Minister Paula Bennett.
The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Waikato today.
“This is the third agreement to be signed with iwi and is a significant step forward,” says Mrs Bennett.
“A new working relationship will focus on protecting children, using iwi networks to proactively support whānau in need.”
“Too many Māori children are hurt and abused; by openly acknowledging this and working together with iwi we can support these children and their families earlier, and then this MoU will really mean something.”
Child Youth and Family had a staff member seconded to Waikato Tainui for the last twelve months to help pave the way for the new relationship.
Tainui and Child, Youth and Family will work together to put the interests of vulnerable children first.
There are close to 5,000 children in the care of CYF, 441 of those children are affiliated to Waikato Tainui.
Child, Youth and Family has now signed Memorandums of Understanding with Tainui, Ngapuhi and Ngati Porou.


PM of NZ said...

So 9% of CYF charges are identifiable as Tainui.

I wonder what the percentages for for the other tribes? The tribes total would no doubt be eye watering and fairly show where kiddie abuse is rooted.

One suspects that this initiative will be yet another means to shower the 'collective' with copious continuing amounts of my taxes without cornering the real perpetrators.

Remind me how much the child murderers and abusers collectives have had in endless 'full and final' settlements to address the problems of 'our peoples'?

sharihyder said...

A step in the right direction.

If Maori desire to separate the notion of Mana according to tribal affiliation, we must honour their submissions, as they honour ours.

My concern is this: "There are close to 5,000 children in the care of CYF, 441 of those are affiliated to Waikato Tainui".

Does this mean the identification process is still in progress?

Even so, I call this a step in the right direction.

Jigsaw said...

sharihyder : ...we must honour their submissions as they honour ours' - what utter tosh !-this is racist cant and the promoting of tribialism is probably the biggest single error we have made as a nation and one that will certainly
come back not just to haunt us but also most certainly to bite us.

sharihyder said...

Dear Jigsaw

New Zealand's haunting of tribalism began in 1840. On paper.

Maori, as a nation aka Aotearoa, has come far. They have two political parties. One is viewed as 'extreme'; the other is viewed as 'moderate'.

I call this progress in the political arena.

What is it that binds Maori?

They share the common political goal of 'autonomy'.

We, as civilised men, recognise this aspiration.

Tribalism is a concept within Maoridom.

Within Maoridom lies 2 elements.

One is subjective; the other objective.

The subjective, more often than not, is the individual Maori.

The objective is represented by Tribal Name.

Underlying the objective is the notion of Mana.

Mana is measured subjectively by degrees of strength.

These degrees of strength is what ultimately determines the fate of Maori children.

I see this as a step in the right direction.

Jigsaw said...

What you are saying a is a receipe for disaster as a nation. Tribalism is a concept that has been thankfully left behind in the civilised world-where it hasn't you have conflict. Many of these people with tribal connections have only a fraction of maori blood and they seek to indenify with a particular tribe in order to
gain an advantage over others.
To advance your argument you use words and various phrases the meaning of which is hidden. I understand that this is deliberate in order to attenpt to obscure your real intentions-or theirs.

sharihyder said...

Dear Jigsaw

I accept your perspective on Tribalism.

You said: "To advance your argument you use words and various phrases the meaning of which is hidden."

Please state which words and phrases need exposure.

You further said: " I understand that this is deliberate in order to attempt to obscure your real intentions-or theirs."

Please explain what you think my intentions are.

I cannot speak for Maori intentions.