Saturday, September 15, 2012

Letter in yesterday's DomPost


Manolo said...

Good on you, Lindsay.
Personally, I gave up on this left-wing rag, and last month cancelled my suscription.
Will continue reading the Letters to the Editor section on the net.

Richard said...

The decision to have children when already "impoverished" is beyond the control of the rest of society and we're expected to keep exacerbating the problem.

Mike Steinberg said...

The problem is that one of the reasons those are impoverished is because they lack future time orientation. This extends to things like "deciding" whether to use contraception.

Accordingly, the state needs to make contraception a condition of ongoing welfare and provide birth control shots. Otherwise they will forget to use it.

Anonymous said...

You do realise that there can be some nasty side effects from artificial hormones? It made my blood pressure rise so high that the doctors refused to prescribe it to me, another form made me so depressed I could hardly get out of bed a week after coming off, felt better and back on top of the world after 2-3 weeks with it out of my system. If their father died, I would be forced to take up either dying of a heart attack or live a life of depression?

I agree something should be done, but forcing people to get artificial hormones injected in them before they receive help, is a not a country I would like to live in.

When it comes to contraception, it is up to the individual person and their doctor, or we might have a bigger problem on our hands with neglected babies due to depressed mothers. They give the same amount of hormones to everyone, regardless of weight or size. It is going to effect everyone different.