Sunday, September 09, 2012

Dane Moeke is back

Dane Moeke first appeared on Homai Te Paki Paki in 2009.  His rendition of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You was sensational. Sadly, the YouTube clip has been removed.

But watching the first episode of NZ's Got Talent I was thrilled to see him auditioning. He sang The Greatest Love of All which isn't his strongest song (on those I've heard) BUT he got through with huge kudos from the judges. And this is smart. Starting with a lesser performance and saving his stronger for later. Again, his Dad was there in the wings supporting him.

He came on in bare feet and judge, Rachel Hunter asked him why. Slightly embarrassed he replied his jandals had gotten too sweaty. Downplaying expectations works for him. No-one anticipates the voice.

Can't wait for his next appearance.


James said...

I couldn't tell what sex he/she was to start with.....Im having a lot of that happen lately......I blame GE....:-)

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Described in the NZ Herald this morning as a big barefoot boy channelling Whitney Houston.