Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tip of the iceberg

This is grim, but what can be said about Raurangi Marino?

That are thousands more potential Raurangi Marinos out there?

Put the  pieces together.

Gang members sire more children than most men.

 "Every Mongrel Mob man creates a line - that is the number of children they can produce. So they will have a couple of girlfriends and they might have a wife, and they will have mistresses, and they will be in on-and-off relationships," he said.

The number of gang members incarcerated is growing.

The number of inmates with gang affiliations has doubled in the past five years and the Corrections Department is developing a programme to help offenders break their ties. Gang members are almost twice as likely as other prisoners to reoffend within 12 months of leaving prison, at a rate of 41 per cent compared with 22 per cent.
The percentage of Maori children who are abused or neglected is way out of kilter with their share of the general population and shows no sign of declining.

And the economy that fuels all this, welfare, is disproportionately taken up by Maori with 46 percent of their females aged between 20 and 30 on a benefit.

And this is relevant also.

In Nga Iwi o te Motu, the late Michael King wrote: 
[Peter]  Buck  wrote  in  his  annual  report  [as  Native  health  officer],  “The [Maori]  communism  of  the  past  meant  industry,  training  in  arms,  good physique, the keeping of the law, the sharing of the tribal burden, and the preservation of life. The communism of today means indolence, sloth, decay of   racial   vigour,   the   crushing   of   individual   effort,   the   spreading   of introduced  infections,  diseases,  and  the  many  evils  that  are  petrifying  his advance.” [Maui] Pomare added: “The Maori having been an active race and always having been kept in a state of excitement by wars and the rumour of wars,  can  now  only  find  vent  for  his  feelings  on  the  racecourse,  gambling and billiard-playing, with an occasional bout in the Land court”.

And in gangs.


Kiwiwit said...

The sorry state of Maori today, filling the courts and prisons for violent crime, overwhelmingly dependent on welfare and failing to perform by almost any accepted aspirational and moral measure, is a huge indictment on the resurgent Maori tribalism and the billions of dollars thrown at them by successive governments.

The problem is, I think, partly that Peter Buck (and many contemporary apologists for Maori performance) have got it wrong. Maori 'communism' (and that is a good term) in the past may have been about "the keeping of the law, the sharing of the tribal burden, and the preservation of life," but it was also about preserving a brutal, paternalistic, cannabalistic, genocidal Stone Age society with little going for it except for some fine primitive art. Black Power and the Mongrel Mob are the precise modern expression of this culture.

It should come as no surprise that a young Maori man brought up in such a culture feels it is acceptable to rape a 5 year girl because, as gut-wrenching as this crime is to you and I, it pales into insignificance compared to the wholesale female infanticide that was practiced by Maori society prior to the establishment of British rule.

The answer is not more Maori tribalism, tradition and culture, nor (as you point out) more handouts. Such policies are just producing more disaffected Maori youth who believe it is their right to take anything they want by force, even the innocence of a 5 year old girl. The answer is that Maori must be forced to take individual responsibility for being productive, moral members of society. The sooner Maori themselves and New Zealanders generally realise this, the better.

FF said...

It’s default polygamy, dysgenics in action. Cads not Dads-funded by you and me.

Don McKenzie said...

Excellent response Kiwiwit and right on the button.People of part Maori blood do not need paternalistic sop from past politicians, or present ones for that matter.When forced to, they can shape up and foot it with any other group.
Kiwiwit for Prime Minister of an administration with grit.