Monday, February 27, 2012

Welfare Reforms - the good and the bad

My interview with Larry Williams NewstalkZB on the back of a pre-record with Paula Bennett about the welfare reforms (re)announced today. Continues here.

The opposition responses focus on the lack of jobs. This misses the point that legislation has to be put in place that requires people to take jobs as they become available. And I have made the point many times that the rapidly ageing population is going to radically increase demand for social and health-caring labour capacity; ideal for mothers entering or re-entering the workforce.

The Greens are tackling the 1 year only exemption from work obligations for those mothers who add a child to their benefit, claiming that mothering in the early years is absolutely critical. If stay at home mothering produced the happiest, best-adjusted children then the DPB-raised cohort should be head and shoulders above. It isn't.


Anonymous said...

can you fix the interview link?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Sorry. Done. The links are to 15 minute segments. Fast forward (in old terminology).

Anonymous said...

The opposition responses focus on the lack of jobs

That's because they're socialist bludgers.

There's one simple economically proven technique to restore 100% full employment overnight: cancel the dole, DBP & every other benefit and cancel the minimum wage.

It is a simple straightforward economic fact that the cause of unemployment is the dole and the minimum wage.

Socialists and communists - who deny this - should be treated with the same contempt as people who think the earth is flat, or parents who abuse their children.

Don McKenzie said...

Anonymous how right you are . Government interfering in the market place for labour creates 'unemployables'who then put a hand out for a benefit.

The socialist welfare state will crumble just as did the communist state.We do not know when, but it will.

thor42 said...

Sheesh - save us from the leftie ignoramuses!

The lefties should thank whatever non-sexist, non-racist, non-judgemental deity they pray to that the government will be bringing in childcare payments so that beneficiaries can go and study at uni or polytech.

There are NO MORE EXCUSES. If you are healthy, you study or you work.

End of story.