Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Poverty is no excuse"

The latest issue of Rise, MSD's magazine, contains the story of Henare and Pam O'Keefe, a Flaxmere couple who have fostered hundreds of abused and neglected children over many years. It's well worth reading and uplifts rather than depresses.

But what are the leftist poverty-pushing politicians and academia going to make of this?
Poverty, says Henare, is no excuse for abusing your family. He thinks back to his own childhood, in a dirt-floor home with no electricity and wonders how his parents managed to feed them all. “But I can recall nothing, but good.”

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thor42 said...

I agree.

There is a really good and inspiring video here about the "barefoot solar engineers" of Africa -

(You can also watch it on WhaleOil's blog)

These women - most of whom are poor and **illiterate** grandmothers - take a six-month course, after which they are able to install and maintain solar-panel installations.

The video is outstanding - a must-see.

If illiterate Afican women can do this, then what excuse to the beneficiaries in this country have to sit on the couch and watch TV all day?