Friday, November 11, 2011

Third time lucky for CPAG?

The Child Poverty Action Group have announced they are going back to court for a third time to contest the legality of the IWTC.

CPAG has filed an application for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal today against the High Court decision that the Government’s In Work Tax Credit was “not unlawful discrimination”.

CPAG has consistently argued that the In Work Tax Credit is part of per week child–related family assistance. “The basic needs of low income children do not change when parents’ source of income changes” says CPAG spokesperson Susan St John.

I think this is a case of throwing good money after bad. Theirs and ours.

It could be argued that the IWTC isn't for the needs of children anyway. It is used to meet the costs of going to work - transport, clothing, childcare.


Maungakiekie said...

As Thomas Sowell said, there are some people who use 'the poor' and 'the elderly' (and, in this case, 'the children') as human shields behind whom they can advance with their goals of bigger spending and bigger government.

Labour is obviously clutching at straws, with their frantic bone-throwing efforts. I wonder if they realise how pitiful they look.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree Maunakiekie!

Honestly, how do the CPAG even think their appeal is logical? And who is paying for it? Us? Hope not! And isn't it a moot point until after the election as if Labour (God forbid) got in then arent they extending the IWTC to beneficiaries?

This is something that the Greens have always pushed for.......I am not sure why people continue to think they are all about the environment when really they are just another socialist leaning party. I like good environmental policies but not when it also means throwing more money at people who quite often don't put it on their kids!

But why let common sense in the way of utopia :)

Richard McGrath said...

The first election meeting in Wairarapa, organised by the Catholic welfare organisation Caritas, included a rep from CPAG who was the must vile, spiteful person I have had the misfortune to encounter. She ripped into the Conservative party candidate during the after-match cuppa tea when the candidates had buried the hatchet and were having a laugh together. Those standing with the poor Conservative candidate were left like stunned mullets afterward. My estimation of the CPAG membership plummeted at that moment.