Saturday, November 12, 2011

How government begets government

The Ministry of Social Development has just posted about The Government Property Management Centre of Expertise. Looks like this is a new agency. Apart from despairing over more bureacracy, reading the bumph just makes my head hurt.

The PMCoE proudly supports improvements in property management and seek to leverage knowledge, increase knowledge-sharing and improve property management practice across many government agencies, regardless of size.

The PMCoE provides tools, information and guidance on government property management best practice and is the central repository for the cross government property data base, enabling the identification and facilitation of collocation or collective procurement opportunities.


Andrei said...

Get away with you - we all know this post is just sour grapes because you haven't been invited to be part of the "PMCoE Shared Workspace"

Which "enables the property management community to connect, collaborate, communicate and cooperate around property management and the associated tasks. It is an active community that enables the sharing of information and the leveraging of knowledge across all of government."

Psycho Milt said...

They don't seem sure whether they are a singular entity or plural one when describing themselves. And I presume "collocation" is intended to mean something like co-location rather than its actual meaning of two words that are often used together.

Then again, using the word "meaning" with reference to the quoted paragraph is perhaps a mistake, given that no meaning is apparent in it.