Tuesday, November 08, 2011

John Banks on why Epsom voters should vote for him

Campbell Live tonight.

Banks says a vote for him is a vote for "Brand Key".

Still going on about branding.

Having a philosophy or a set of principles is just so old hat.

Replaced by brand spend and brand spend more.

How I shall resent giving my vote to you Mr Banks.


Redbaiter said...

Hang on Mitch- you bang on about principle and then say you're going to vote for someone you despise.

How does that work?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I am voting for two people who I know share my concern about welfare and hold classical liberal principles. And I am voting for them because I think they have a show of becoming MPs. Unprincipled? If you say so.

Anonymous said...

At least you manage to find people that are relatively inspiring. At the moment, the only one I find remotely interesting is John Key & I am not in his electorate.

There are no doubt a few good people out there who do not believe that welfare is the answer to our social ills, but I find the charactor of most MPs rather underwhelming at best.

They just seem to all get lost on the power trip & forget they are meant to be representing us. Something which I find rather disillusioning!

I just don't understand why ethics/a strong moral compass and politics seem to be mutually exclusive, why one automatically has to preclude the other!!!