Thursday, May 19, 2011


Actually, sorry, I can't be bothered. Move on, move on, nothing to see here. 4 percent growth ???? Hahahahaha.

So I was nagging Dave Armstrong, standing in for Sean Plunket on NewstalkZB this morning, that local government - ratepayers - shouldn't be forced to fund artists. Art should stand or fall on its merits.

Lovely unintended result. Someone heard me, rang for a price. I referred them to my website to view works and they are coming on Monday to arrange a commission.

Some recent pastels:


Anonymous said...

4 percent growth ???? Hahahahaha.

2.8% is "Christchurch rebuilding"

1.2% is "Rugby world cup"

real growth: ZERO

cuts in budget spending: zero.
cuts in civil service salaries: zero
cuts in welfare: zero
cuts in health: less than zero - increases in spending!!
cuts in education: less than zero - increases in spending!!

As Cullen said: it's pretty much what I would have done - I'd just have put up the top tax rate rather than take something like 2% of spending out of KiwiStealer...

baxter. said...

I love the one of the Black Lab. I bet the owner was pleased.