Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Clayton Weatherston potrait

The National Portrait Competition is gaining unusual publicity this year due to the exhibition of a large sketch of Clayton Weatherston.

I was disappointed not to be part of the exhibition this year. It's the first time I have missed out. Strangely with what I thought was probably my best entry since it began. So it is always interesting to see what does get selected.

I left my entry very late and then quickly painted this of a friend. I hadn't developed a background or honed in the features and clothing because I sometimes get criticised for tending towards too much realism and time prevented it. The colours are also stronger and more various than I would normally use. Now I may rework it and show it in my April exhibition.

But I can hear my friend when she sees the front page of the DomPost this morning at teabreak. "Eh? They turned me down and took him?? Faaa....."

I think the Weatherston portrait is very good. Sometimes I think over-size faces are a bit gimmicky but there is no question over whether or not it should have been exhibited.


Unknown said...

That's a great portrait Lindsay.

If I could have a wish in life granted, it would be that I could paint and sketch. As it is I'm hopeless, and have decided it's one of those things you can't learn if you don't have the talent to start off with.

Anonymous said...

I gave up trying to figure out the art mafia years ago.

I aint queer in the acepted sense and i aint got no degree from from some politically correct institution and i wasnt no dysfunctional Maori so i was consigned to the badlands of creation.

Made a fortune,had a lot of fun and continue to do so to this day.

More power to your brush Lindsay.


Hollywood said...

Love your portrait Lindsay. You can paint me any time. :)

As far as the Weatheston portrait goes I really like it. I believe it really shows his evilness.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Out and about this morning I found two other local artists that I rate had their entries rejected also. So at least I am in good company:-)