Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inhabitants of Wonderland

There are people whose comprehension of a given situation is exactly the reverse of mine. Here are two examples.

Benjamin Easton is a 'professional' activist but nobody is willing to pay him for his activism so he draws the unemployment benefit and says...

"It is a sacrifice, really. I am perfectly capable of earning."

A sacrifice? It's abuse. It's abuse of those who fund a welfare system which is sold as being there for people who genuinely cannot support themselves through work.

And then there is Millsy who unimaginatively continues to misrepresent my opposition to the DPB. He or she comments at the Hand Mirror;

It would seem to me that the Lindsay's of this world tend to want women to be trapped in unhappy and sometimes abusive marriages 'for the sake of the kids'.

I find that unacceptable. People's family arrangements are no place for anyone to stick their nose in.

Especially the 'collective' people as represented by the state.

Oh no, I forgot. Feminists approve of that.

They want their next door neighbour to fund them out of a bad relationship but otherwise, keep their nose out. Very convenient.

Feminists are clamouring for the state to stick its nose into family affairs when it suits. Paid Parental Leave, subsidised childcare, marital property legislation, state-funded anti-violence campaigns, state-funded pro-breastfeeding campaigns, a female biased Family Court. The examples are many. They even have their own government department.

So there are two examples of people who inhabit this Alice in Wonderland world we live in. Where up is down, and down is up.


medusa said...

We have a woman renting the house next door to us, she is a pierced, tattooed vegan greenie who abuses us for using weed spray in our garden yet she thinks it's okay to dump all her kitchen waste in her garden (no composte bin) She has 4-5 kids varying in age from approximately 12 to 1 year old. There is no man/sperm donor around so we are paying to support this bludgers lifestyle and her brood. A prime example of a 'Wonderland' inhabitant.

KG said...

I read that article on Easton this morning at work--as I was finishing my night shift.
And it simply filled me with rage.
At 65, battling constant pain I'm working to help pay for parasitic f*&^*ers such as this....
I don't mind work--heck, I enjoy it- but this really sticks in my craw.
No political/social system which tolerates making working people fund leeching scum such as this has any legitimacy.

KG said...

And I note he says that's his "right".
The only "right" this creep has is to a size 12 steel-capped boot up the backside.

Anonymous said...

One of the many bludgers that inhabit the land. A true parasite.

Psycho Milt said...

It would be very unusual if Millsy hadn't misrepresented your views. His comments only ever fall into 3 categories - misrepresentation, stopped-beating-your-wife-yet questions, and false dichotomies of the "provide interest-free student loans or only the rich will be able to go to university" variety.

Anonymous said...

The only "right" this creep has is to a size 12 steel-capped boot up the backside.

9mm to the cranium

Anonymous said...

Easton isn't just committing "abuse"

He is committing fraud.

I just called 0800 556 006 and reported him.
They were quite polite and said they'd get onto it.
Please do the same, or email

Let's reform welfare - one bludger at a time

Anonymous said...

But that is a great article. I particularly liked this bit:

Ms Bennett said she wanted a reformed system, where all beneficiaries were moved directly into work and the benefit completely cancelled, rather than the current graduated sanctions of partial work tests and with many people remaining on the dole or other kinds of welfare.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Ha. You has me fooled anon. I actually went looking for it...and found what I thought I had read the first time round.

"Ms Bennett said she wanted a simplified system for work tests, with graduated sanctions rather than the current sole sanction of complete suspension or cancellation."

More accommodation.

KG said...

"Let's reform welfare - one bludger at a time"
What a damn fine idea. I'm with that. :)
Just so long as we can include local council drones and bureaucrats of all stripes?

adamsmith1922 said...

As I note at my place, just what have WINZ been up to. Why have they not dealt with this parasite before

Anonymous said...

Why have they not dealt with this parasite before

not up to WINZ. Up to the COPS.

Bludgers don't need punishment

Bludgers need gunishment!