Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Remote Client Unit - the 'too hard basket'

The now infamous Harris family were accessing Work and Income services (dosh) via the department's remote client unit. According to MSD;

The Remote Client Unit has been established to provide an avenue for clients, who have been assessed as posing a high risk to the safety of Ministry staff in Service Centres nationwide, to continue to access Ministry services.

Isn't that a boon for those beneficiaries who do not want to attend planning meetings, who do not want to comply with work-testing, who do not want to co-operate with increased face-to-face intensive case management, which has and will continue to form attempts to reform welfare? That's the cushy number to get onto. Can't be particularly difficult for a manipulative person.

I feel a Xmas Eve OIA request coming on.

Update; Done. I'll drop it in the post when I walk the dog in a moment.


Anonymous said...

If some people are so uncivilized that a RSU is needed they really don't deserve to be getting a cent.

Mark.V. said...

I am surprised to read that WINZ has an RCU. What private sector organisation would continue to provide a service to customers who refuse to comply with its requirements? E.g. If I do not allow a meter reader to read my meter my power is cut off. The RCU should be abolished immediately.

Anonymous said...

If there is a need for this uniot it should be staffed with some tough guys from the SAS or the like. I have met a few and a few policemen that wouldn't be intimidated by these scum.
Force needs to meet force with these types.

Anonymous said...

winz changed my name by deed-pole. I told them they were wrong. I was tresspassed for this and sent to RCU. Then told i was a national threat? phone blocked from ALL Govt dept. Support worker then employed and she was told she also had it wrong! ... she has known me for 22 years. Support worker left winz in tears as they laughed at her! Well done WINZ Kamo Whangarei.
I now have 2 legal birth certs! Go figure.

Anonymous said...

As an employed member in your community I am so sorry that happened to you and your support worker it's just not on! There are several stories similar to yours in our community and it is shocking and unprofessional shame on WINZ Kamo Whangarei for displaying that unnecessary behaviour to a support worker in yor community. The social issues that social workers are facing today are phenomenal have some compassion towards others because one day that person may be the very one that will be extending a helping hand. Let's be kind and intelligent but most of all compassionate.

Transparency in New Zealand, Kiwileaks. said...

It might interest readers to know that the Ministry routinely uses fake names - a blatant breach of article 14 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights - despite being warned against the practise several years ago Mr Van Ooyen then tried to communicate with a Court or Tribunal "in confidence" about this, but received a right caning from the new chairperson of the SSAA - who obviously has a lot more integrity than the last chairperson!

Details and evidence can be found here, and at the links in the comments at this site,

Anonymous said...

it is done with out fair trial eg want a promotion for cutting benefits put them on rcu

Unknown said...

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