Monday, December 21, 2009

Now that's what I call "consequences"

Another liar rips off Work and Income. This one gets $124,000 over 8 years pretending to be a solo mum. You got to laugh at the response from the Ministry of Social Development.

Social Development Ministry deputy chief executive Hilary Reynolds said benefit fraud exceeding $100,000 accounted for less than 1 per cent of cases. "Eight years is a long time to practise such deception. Georgina Nelson is now facing the consequences of her actions."

Oooooh. Which are?

"..... repaying the debt at $20 a week from her continuing benefit."

For starters why was she allowed to move to Inglewood where there is no work?? What should happen is a job, and a hefty weekly repayment. At the moment we are paying her to repay us. Madness. And no. I don't favour a jail sentence which will just cost us even more. Anyone who defrauds WINZ should immediately be cut off and left to fend for themselves. That would be consequences.

What is it with this country? We tax the bejesus out of honest, hard working people to pay liars and cheats and call it "facing the consequences". It isn't the liar facing consequences. It is NZ, for having such a soft-touch of a welfare system.


KG said...

"What is it with this country? We tax the bejesus out of honest, hard working people to pay liars and cheats and call it "facing the consequences"."

Perfect. That's it, in a nutshell. I'm spitting mad about this--it's about on a par with some moron (beneficiary) commenter I was arguin with recently who claimed to be a taxpayer!

KG said...

The hard and unpalatable fact is, unemployment benefits are protection money--no government will seriously reform them because there's a huge underclass that would immediately resort to (even more) crime.
The answer is to pull benefits and force people into government work schemes. If they live too far from a scheme, then they'd have to get a loan and buy a car. Most of us workers have to pay to buy and maintain a car in order to get to work.
I'm bloody sick of supporting bludgers.

Anonymous said...

It's called socialist NZ, KG, even under National. What's changed? Nothing much, nor will it. Yep, the taxpayer bears all, the bludgers get it all, and the politicians trough it all. Great little country, huh?

KG said...

The great tragedy here Anonymous is that NZ IS a great little country. Or at least was (which is why I came to live here and became a NZ citizen).
It could be great again, if only we could find a few politicians with some principles and spine to roll back the socialist state and get off the backs of the productive.
What a waste of a wonderful little country....

Andrei said...

Well what do you expect - the rot starts at the top of course with the likes of Bill English with his housing rort or Chris Carter with his junkets.

God only knows how many civil servants, quango commissars and the like are feeding at the teat and providing nothing of value whatsoever.

But beneficiaries are at the bottom of the pile so they are the easiest targets for opprobrium which doesn't justify them ripping off the system in anyway at all but in the scheme of things it is small fry

brian_smaller said...

If you took into account all the women getting the dpb who are in fact living with a husband/partner then the benefit fraud rate would probably be more like 50%.

Shem Banbury said...

I get more of a punishment with my overdue library books!! Shocking

Mark.V. said...

119 years to repay the debt, not including interest, madness.

Redbaiter said...

"I get more of a punishment with my overdue library books!!"

That Milt is a tough hard man.

Anonymous said...

What should happen is a job, and a hefty weekly repayment

What should happen is an immediate commercial debt of the $150,000 plus eight years interest (about $350K) plus a penalty - say around $500,000 all up - should be immediately applied to that woman and her family.

Any assets capable of being liquidated should be seized and sold immediately, including all houses, cars, etc. If that doesn't pay the debt, size up family members for either compulsory private adoption (if young) or organ harvesting (if healthy). Then eliminate any residue from society.

Or of course don't have any fucking benefits to fucking begin with!

Either way - Problem Solved.

In the know said...

I know the people involved in this case - both sides. The sad thing about this case is that the woman convicted believes it is NOT HER FAULT. There is actually more money than reported that she stole, the other theft is being "repaid". It is funny to note that she is a "good catholic girl" off to church every week with her tribe of illegimate kids (contraception is a big catholic no-no but sleeping with anyone without being married is fine? Sounds like a great religion) She is a career beneficiary - 4 kids, 3 different fathers. And all she wants the fathers for is any money she can get as she stops all the fathers from spending time with their kids. All the kids should be taken off her and go to their respective fathers - then she has no need for the DPB and the kids might have a chance at a real life. She has left a path of destruction for everyone. And now she stays on the benefit FOREVER