Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pushing China's one-child policy

This is a nice way to start the day. A writer for the Financial Post is exhorting the whole world to adopt China's one child policy to stop global warming. It's utter balderdash but... the comments are worth reading.

Then, as an antidote, if the comments haven't cheered you, read the Wall St Journal's Brett Stephens on the psychology of true believers. Brief and highly recommended.

(Hat tip NCPA)

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wino said...

LOL I love these sorts of theories.

I think we should actually have a reverse of working for families myself - the more children you have the more tax you pay. That way only the highly paid will have lots of children. Hopefully the correlation with higher income and higher education (and hopefully higher intelligence) will increase the collective IQ of the population while causing the birth rate to decline... (I'm only slightly serious about this BTW before someone decides to beat me to death with a blunt instrument for being discriminatory)