Monday, December 07, 2009

If you are going Meat-Free today, here are some more possibilities

Have you caught up with Sir Paul McCartney's latest brainwave to fight global warming?

Meat-Free Mondays

I don't think he is trying hard enough. Why stop there?

Meat-Free Mondays

Travel-Free Tuesdays

Wash-Free Wednesdays

Technology-Free Thursdays

Fart-Free Fridays

Sex-Free Saturdays

Salt and Sugar-Free Sundays

The possibilities are just mind-boggling. And we could all go and live in yellow submarines too.


Anonymous said...

Every day is Saturday for me.


JC said...

Being dead is *so* virtuous.. once your carcass has finished it's rotting and CO2 emissions.


Lucia Maria said...

LOL! He could just get everyone to convert to Catholicism. We have meat-free Fridays already.

brian_smaller said...
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brian_smaller said...

I am not giving up farting on fridays even if it means the end of the world.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Dirk, You need to be making some sort of compensatory sacrifice running those big gas guzzlers of yours:-)

Shane Pleasance said...

And every day would be 'live in a cave' day.