Friday, December 11, 2009

National's "cynical pre-Christmas dump"

In 2007 National described Labour's $50 hike to motor vehicle licensing this way:

The Government has sent voters an early Christmas present a jump in ACC levies for motorists and wage earners.

The increase will see motorists paying an extra $50 on average to register their vehicle to cover the rising costs of road accidents.

National described the timing of yesterday's announcement as a "cynical pre-Christmas dump".

In March this year (in perhaps a cynical pre-Easter dump) Nick Smith announced another $32 rise to apply from July 2009.

Today, back to the cynical pre-Christmas dump, another hike is announced of a further $30 to apply from April 2010.

2008 up $50
2009 up $32
2010 up $30

From $204 to $316 - a 55 percent increase over 3 years.

How much can people absorb?

And I'll tell you what is really cynical. Scaring the populace by threatening large rises and expecting to bask in their relief and gratitude when you announce smaller ones.


Anonymous said...

As an owner of two large motorycles and a couple of eight litre road monsters I have had to make sacrifices over the years just to put gas in their tanks.

As of next year it would appear the family will have no option but to ajust to a life with food on only four days a week.

Its said that moderation is good for the soul.


Manolo said...

So much for the "no more taxes" election promise, uh?

The National Party and Neville Key cannot be trusted.

KG said...

If moderation is good for the soul Dirk, I'm beginning to think that revolution would be even better...