Thursday, December 18, 2008

Survival of the fittest time

I bit the bullet yesterday and went Christmas shopping. Never before can I recall 8 shopping days THIS SIDE of Xmas Day, there being the sorts of offers currently available. I ended up spending what I had budgeted for but getting more than I planned.(I make this point because some figures show retail spending holding up against last year's. If buyers are getting more though, somewhere along the line someone is getting less. Profits must be down.) Two for one deals and 30% discounts are everywhere. And no, they are not offers on inflated prices.

But still the shops are not busy. We shopped till lunchtime and there were no queues, except at the Warehouse general counters, but they weren't long. And the CD, DVD counter, the one we usually use, had no queue at all. None of this augers well. I see Woolworths in the UK will close all its stores by January 5. There must be be a fair few NZ retailers sailing very close to the wind right now.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Wellington

hordes of government employees are spending as if they'll have no tomorrow

(hopefully because most of 'em won't)

On general principle, I'd have chopped thousands before Christmas, but it seems Key is waiting until afterwards.

At least it is good to know that hard-working, tax-paying New Zealanders are aware of the state the economy is in --- and how much worse it is going to get in the next couple of years --- even if most of our politicians are in denial, especially Labour whose fault it all is!