Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to us

I have just realised today is the third birthday of my blog. I have never not wanted to keep blogging. But I do struggle with some bitches about blogging periodically. Surly and manic anonymous comments always irritate but are more than made up for by considered and clever anonymous comments. I wouldn't want to restrict commenters and touch wood, so far I haven't had to. Thank you all, self-identifying or otherwise, for keeping on reading and responding.

The impetus for this blog is conviction that a radical rethink of welfare is critical. I am even more committed to that idea than I was three years ago.


Anonymous said...

Well deseved congratulations, Lindsay.

Your blog is always worth reading.

KG said...

Happy Birthday!
And thanks for all the facts and figures over that time.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up.

You are may favourite NZ blogger these days.

Dave Christian

Unknown said...

Well done Lindsay. I've enjoyed reading your blog since I found it at the start of this year.

Merry Christmas, and I look forward to reading more in the new year.

Michael Wynd said...

I just wanted to note that your blog is always a source for cogent remarks on the welfare state and the mythology that surrounds it. I always look forward to your analysis and what we should be doing, rather that the continuation of failed polices that seems to pass for action these days.