Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kahui kidding himself

"It was a fully functioning household. We did the shopping, paid the bills and basically lived a normal life."

Chris Kahui about the home he and Macsyna King lived in.

This is true in his mind. It was a home like any other he had ever known and a home like many others in the neighbourhood. As a volunteer I go into homes that I couldn't live in as they are, but they are 'normal' within those communities of people. Being on welfare is normal, having Work and Income pay your bills is normal, living amongst clutter and grime is normal.

"Like it was said in court, only the primary caregiver could have noticed if something was wrong. My cousin April had changed the baby, she didn't notice anything and she's a grandmother to four kids."

Kahui is 23. His cousin is a grandmother four times over. Roll that around in your mind a while. That is a marker of prolific and very young breeding. But that's normal too.

Although Chris admits he didn't know Macsyna as well as he thought he did, what he saw was a good mother.

Good mothers do not abandon children. Perhaps she never talked about her older children to other men. Still. You don't need to know someone very well to shack up and sleep together. That's normal too.

For now, Chris is happy using his skills to help around the home, fixing broken cupboards or old ceilings.

That's nice. That gives him plenty of time to keep on 'normalising' his lifestyle and past in his head. Someone needs to give this guy a good shake. But that won't happen. The money will no doubt keep turning up in his bank account each week and he can go on playing at life.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the whole thing is a travesty. He certainly seems to take it lightly about what happened, and I think he's kidding himself if he thinks he'll get custody of Shane, his other child. What about the neglect, eating at MacDonald's while the twins were left in his car, not seeking medical attention much sooner, etc. Cindy Kiro's comments ("there are lessons to be learned") are as usual pathetic and maddening, the sooner National replace her, the better. What an outrage, and may I say, only in New Zealand?

Anonymous said...

Looks like 'normal' has just been redefined to mean 'commonly dysfunctional' & therefore acceptable according to his values.

Anonymous said...

The pastor's daughter looks bright and intelligent and loving though, I wish them the best really, I just wish that the police would re-open the file, swallow their pride and file charges against the right person, this time.

Anonymous said...

I started to write a rant on Kahui fathering more kids, but gave up. More disfunction on the way. He is 23 and has fathered four kids, one of which he doesn't see, two of which are dead and another is baby. I wonder how many more kids that he wont support financially will this waste of space father in the next thirty years?

Brian Smaller

Unknown said...

Thrashing this for all you can get is sick - The Courts found him not guilty - Get off his back or demand a retrial - Onward - Jim

Oswald Bastable said...

We really need the 'not proven guilty' verdict here.

If no murderer,he WAS proven guilty of being a waste of oxygen.

People who stick up for this refuse are a big part of the problem.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Jim, My post isn't about whether Kahui was guilty of the charges laid by the police.

Anonymous said...

Why are the police putting so many flawed prosecutions before the courts?

Why do the "media" produce entertainment pieces dressed up as journalism?

Why does the new doctor in town not speak english? They tell me he's learning on the job. Perhaps thats the answer to everything.


Anonymous said...

"Onward", Jim? What .. to produce more children he neither wants, nor cares for properly, with no conscience or understanding let alone shame, that he's doing so on other's people's hard-earned cash. He's proven himself a complete waste of space.

Neither were those infants killed by accident as per a car crash. You'd do bloody well to remember that.

That nobody -- nobody -- has been convicted for their appalling deaths is a bloody outrage.

Unknown said...

Lindsay - I agree whole-Heartedly that nobody has been convicted - Onward - Jim

Anonymous said...

Jim, just what is your point. No body was convicted, but so what. Someone still killed them, don't you care about that?


Unknown said...

Re-post - my point is clear

Thrashing this for all you can get is sick - The Courts found him not guilty - Get off his back or demand a retrial - Onward - Jim

Anonymous said...

Jim, if I did demand a retrial it would not happen would it, it would be akin to pissing in the wind. Onward? Yeah, right. Hopefully in the long run, justice may still be done, once we have an uncorrupted and non-biased police force.