Wednesday, October 17, 2007

White collar crime 'rife' in NZ

Published in today's Dominion Post and written up by James Weir, the above is the result of an international survey by Price-WaterhouseCoopers and included 78 NZ medium to large firms,

"The average white collar criminal in New Zealand was likely to be a man in his thirties, with a high school education, in a job for less than two years and in a post below middle many cases firms did not report crimes to police or even the executive team or almost half of the cases people involved even kept their jobs."

I have two responses to that - better the devil you know and New Zealand's employment law. Many employers know that it will cost them more to rid themselves of an employee than to simply accept the loss or come to some private agreement.

One could go a step further and speculate that the protection of employees through employment law encourages crime.

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