Monday, October 15, 2007

Stats show DPB a way of life

Media Release

Monday, October 15, 2007

Forty five percent of people on the DPB have been on it at least once before, a fifth have been on it twice before, nearly 5,000 have been on it three times before and a further 4,000 had been on it four or more times.

According to Lindsay Mitchell, welfare commentator, "These recent figures show that a large minority of single parents are cycling on and off the benefit. At the other extreme are those who get onto the DPB and stay there long-term, especially those who start young. The Ministry of Social Development's computer system does not provide pre-1993 information but available figures show a minimum of 40 percent first started on welfare under the age of twenty."

"Additionally nearly forty five percent have been on this benefit or another continuously for 4 or more years, 17 percent for ten or more years."

Mitchell says that the official description of the DPB's original intention was, 'temporary financial support for deserted or battered wives and unmarried mothers without partners.'

"Clearly the usage of this benefit has far exceeded expectations often, sadly, to the disadvantage of children who lead impoverished, insecure and transient lives as a consequence."


Anonymous said...

A sad indictment of NZ society and a true reflection of what state intervention (meddling in the lives of its citizens) has achieved.

We're becoming more and more a nation of welfare beneficiaries where Nanny State doles out the money for subsistence, at the price of election votes. Shame on us!

Anonymous said...

"available figures show a minimum of 40 percent first started on welfare under the age of twenty."

Lindsay, where are these figures available?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I have them, obtained under the OIA.
Send me an email - - and I'll send you the exact data.

Considering it's a minimum percentage it's pretty telling.