Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hard to believe

The story. A mother ran inside to get an umbrella, and left her car running. A thief stole the car and the baby in the back. The mother is being charged with a third degree felony, child neglect. I suppose the thief would be praised for quickly abandoning the car when he realised it contained a baby.

OK. She was slightly careless. But let's assume it had started to rain. The alternative was to unstrap the baby, sometimes a lengthy exercise with yourself half in and half out of the rain, lock the car and run with him in his carrier, through the rain. At the moment he is dry. After a trip to and from the house he will be damp at best. You know I could very well have made the same decision as the mother. To dash to the house and grab the umbrella. If it had been very cold I may even have left the car running to get some heat going. In her case it may have been very warm so the opposite applies re air conditioning.

What is going on in this topsy turvy world where decent people are prosecuted when the bad caused the problem?

(Hat tip Reason)

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