Thursday, August 23, 2007

Laying on a guilt trip

This has got to be one of the stupider things Pete Hodgson has ever said;

"In particular, all New Zealanders should be ashamed that Maori life expectancy is still lower than European New Zealanders."

Memo to myself when I look in the mirror tomorrow morning. Having donned sack cloth and ashes berate yourself over too many Maori dying prematurely. And while you are at it hang your head about too many men shuffling off the mortal coil before their partners.

But perhaps Pete should be particularly pointing the finger at Asians. I mean, they should be really, really ashamed because they are getting more than their fair share of life. Yeah. Let's blame the Asians. That might win you a few votes too Pete.

How I hate this collectivist claptrap that we are all somehow responsible for other people's outcomes. It's enough to drive you to an early grave.

Memo to Pete. Piss off. Please.


Anonymous said...

Actually I don't feel guilty at all, as a taxpayer I've contributed to - anti smoking campaigns, separate health funding schemes for Maori, Treaty of Waitangi Settlements, preferential scholarships for Maori, Maori TV, a separate teritary institutions for Maori, a policy of equal opportunity in employment...

Anybody ask the apparently 60% of Maori who are on under $20,000 if they want to change their lifestyle?


Anonymous said...

Like Gloria I have no guilt either. Most of my Maori mates make pretty good lifestyle choices for themselves. Some don't.

More collectivist rubbish from the left.

Brian Smaller

Anonymous said...

Well said, as usual, Lindsay. Pete Hodgson is such a prat. Had the misfortune to hear him speak - well, drivel on - earlier this year when he was the opening speaker at a work conference in Wgtn.

He arrived half an hour late, spent five minutes apologising for that ("that's Parliament for you!") and then another five saying precisely nothing, except that he hadn't had the chance to fully explore all options (for Alzheimers), but that all present should be aware that his dept were 'working very hard' to address the issues.

Presumably 'working very hard' to address the issues he hadn't had a chance to address? FFS!

He then finished up by taking a cellphone call and buggering off! Tosser.

(As are the unthinking who are quite happy to continue funding our failing health system because of the misguided notion that it's somehow 'fairer'!) Sheesh.

Oswald Bastable said...

Women are living longer than men.

All women should be ashamed of this.

[insert Tui ad here]

Anonymous said...

Memo to Peter: Get the hell out of my life!