Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"When sex is bad for you"

I disagree with Tapu Misa most of the time but her column in today's NZ Herald strikes a chord. But I don't think the difference between men and women is as black and white as she paints it. Plenty of the male species want more than just casual sex as well. (Watch out for Cactus's post on this one.)
My thirteen year-old asked me the other day, not, where do babies come from (he seems to have cottoned on to that with little input from me) but, why would you want to have sex with someone you didn't know? (This after some media item alluding to prostitution.) Why indeed. A very good question.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of these stats being included in sex ed calsses? Not likely.

Anonymous said...

Little 5-year old Johnny came home from school one day and said to his Mother - "Mum, where did I come from?".

The Mother thought "Oh Oh, this is it, time for the lecture". So she sat Johnny down and proceeded to go through the whole story - birds, bees, animal reproduction, human love, pregnancy, birth, everything, and thought "well he's young, but I won't have to go through all that again".

Then Mum became a little suspicious and said "why did you ask this particular question today Johnny?"

Johnny replied "Well Mum there was a new boy started at school today, and he told the class that HE CAME FROM AUCKLAND"!

Cactus Kate said...

In typical Tapu fashion she actually has not raised a point here, it's commentary. Rather hard to argue against her because after reading it twice I still don't understand her stance. The ending of the column looks like the editor has truncated it before the paragraph summing up her position.


Sb said...

"but, why would you want to have sex with someone you didn't know? "

The answer to this is so obvious that I am amazed that you ask!

Best way to answer it would be the old saying " When sex is good it's very very good, when sex is bad its still pretty damn good"

Everybody (or almost everybody) want to have sex with a lover who makes your world spin and buzz. However not everybody has that deal, for those that don't other options are pretty damn good.