Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This is an interesting site;

HAERE MAI TO ALL VISITORS! Welcome to the only website of its kind outside of Aotearoa (NZ). MIO (Maori-in-oz.com) has been online since 2004 with approximately 6,273,000 hits to March of this year and now mustering without effort over a million hits every few months! This gives us warranted reasons to move forward with the times as MIO grows from strength to strength.

Most of their news is dominated by Maori Party press releases so I submitted my piece about Hone Harawira's outburst and they have published it. Nearly 100,000 Maori live in Australia - around 15 percent of the Maori population.

In March 2006 there were 389,464 New Zealanders living in Oz and almost one quarter of them are Maori. Next to Poms (at just over 1 million) Kiwis form the next biggest group by country of birth.


mojo said...

not only interseting, but truly comprehensiveand impressive ... I have not come across anything 'home grown' that comes close ... I hope you can correct me on this.

peteremcc said...

good article, and an interesting website too.

oh and i commented on the face off post too - i only just read it :)

Margaret said...

Kia ora,

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