Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is Margaret Bazley mad?

Margaret Bazley wants more women to join the police force but wants a ban on sexual relations between serving officers. Hello???!!!
How many people have relationships or meet future partners in the workplace? Police truly will have to be a special breed to defy human nature. I can't see this assisting their recruitment drive much.


Sb said...

Other companies have such a ruling - telecom comes to mind. two of my friends working for telecom we threatened with dismissal when it was realised they were an Item.

Why should the cops be different?


Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem if they all look like Maragret. :)

Brian Smaller said...

Because it is an insane rule. Mandating who you can fall in love with, or start a relationship with is ridiculous, and to borrow a phrase from Dear Leader it "defies human nature"

mojo said...

fair enough ... & also no sexual relations between lawyers... & prison officers ... & any other employment type, an intrinsic part of which is stress and/or shift work (where there exists a preconditioned time of sexual arousal/behaviour) ... & god forbid, I almost forget that in hospitals so many employees play 'doctors & nurses.' This just becomes so difficult.
But, it is such a little shift from physiological arousal to sexual arousal ... ask any burglar come rapist, policeman, armed serviceman, prison officer ... and of course lawyer... there is just something about barristers, particularly barristeresses in their 'widow's garbs,' something about black dresses, sheer black stockings, slow meaningful movements ... ohhh dear...Ms Bazely this must be stopped!
Perhaps there may just have been a more substantive reason for separating sexes in such occupations other than a sexist one ... just perhaps.