Thursday, April 05, 2007

Death penalty poll

Stuff is running a poll on whether the death penalty should be re-introduced. It's running very close. I voted 'no'. But in a way I would like to vote 'yes', with a proviso. That it is voluntary. If someone who is otherwise going to be locked up for life agrees that he or she does not want to remain alive under those conditions then assisted suicide should be an option. I've long thought this but never expressed it before. No doubt people will find holes in the idea.


Anonymous said...

I just believe in the right to suicide. But if they won't legalize it then attempted suicide should be a capital crime! : )

I agree the death penalty is a bad idea. Govt. should not be trusted with executing people. They make too many mistakes.

Kevin said...

I agree entirely and have floated this idea several times on kiwiblog. This is now a very practical possibility if you realise two things.

1. The option could be limited to cases where forensics is indisputible and modern foresnsics is indisputible in an increasing number of cases.

2. The techniques for humane euthanasia are excellent now - its just like an anasthetic at the hospital.

Also there would be no shortage ov volunteers.

life=life (or death)

Anonymous said...

Remember Arthur Alan Thomas?

On the issue of suicide, I think; if someone who has suffered abuse in childhood and the resulting life-long pain becomes too much, then suicide may be an option for them. The mental health system is grossly underfunded in this country to support such abuse victims who cannot access life saving assistance or help. Maybe assisted suicide should be legalized.