Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ministry will shut down critical website

Apparently Ministry Of Social Development CEO Peter Hughes has instructed lawyers to work 24/7 doing whatever they have to, to shut down the CYFS Watch blogsite. This should be interesting.

Update; Police called in over CYF blog (damn e-link function broken again. The report is at www.newstalkzb.co.nz)

Update 2; Just listened to Larry Williams talking to MSD CEO Peter Hughes about the CYFS Watch blog and the threat it apparently poses to the safety of his staff.

The people most likely to pose any threat to a social worker would be those immediately involved and who could get the information , eg car registration number, directly - not from a blog site.

I have some sympathy for My Hughes' view that CYFS are "damned if they do and damned if they don't", but I think pushing the angle that this site poses a threat to the safety of his staff is a red herring. His actions are about containing a potential (and very public) avalanche of angry and bitter disgruntlement with his agency.


Anonymous said...

there vill be no critisism ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

If these people have a clue, then they have 2 or 3 sites on stand by ready to activate when the current one goes down. It turns into a game of whack the mole :)

I once had a website that has a link on it that pointed to another web site (obviously) and got a visit from the Department of Internal Affairs with the Police in tow (to act on the wide ranging search warrant if required) as well as a "Crown Law opinion".

Result? I backed down - even though I felt I was in the right, I could not afford to test "Crown Law opinion".

When the Government decides to shut things down, they play dirty.

I wish the others well (with the exception of the site containing libel as alledged - in which case they need to answer for that in court)

Anonymous said...

So what if CYFS are getting slagged - too bad it is about time that the beureacratic monster called CYFS is taken to task for it's criminal inefficiency and incompetence. It is funny that"Rate my Teachers" has not been closed down as it poses the same threat to teachers but somehow our minster believes we teachers are made of sterner stuff than social workers. Get a grip CYFS you really need a kick in the pants I should know I have seem the results of your incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Where is this site anyway?

Anonymous said...

If anything, there needs to be a blogsite dedicated to hopeless parents with their names and addresses, so that people can knock on their door! If only it wasn't such a closed process and if I were pivy to such information I would start one myself.

Seriously though the problem with these whinging websites is that you only get one side of the story. You won't get to see the documentation that CYFS hold which usually includes very interesting police reports, psychiatric history etc.

I have no qualms with those wanting to speak out as long as they don't identify the professionals who were involved or anything that might identify their own family.

One has to wonder how a family could let themselves get into such a state that they warrant CYFS intervention in the first place!

Really! The joke is on them :)

Anonymous said...

really, the joke is on you idiot.

we'll wait until your family is targeted by cyfs and then see who comes out crying because you've been "hard done by" or as you put it, "winge-ing".

they are actually as bad as people say they are, blinded morons such as yourself can happily believe what you like, but when the time comes to crunch - who are YOU going to turn to, having used all other resources?

figure it out. i dare you.
use your head for once.

why's the government trying to close the site down? to save face.

why's everyone backing the "smackfree" bill? for more votes in future (ie, i tried to do well by you new zealand, now vote for me...) when everything goes wrong.

why can't CYFS get an independent party to oversee their actions? because they don't want to admit they're wrong in the face of public, and risk being held to task over the many lives they have already mercilessly ruined.

no one likes to be faced with the truth, but there's no smoke without fire in the first place, and i'll be sitting back laughing at all the people like you when the crap really hits the fan and we're proved correct in the long run.

and yes, just like a lot of other families, i'll be waiting. i have all my documents and much needed "proof" of what's happened. i can't wait for the day i can claim justice.

until that day though, i leave a thought with you. and you need to think very SERIOUSLY on this because one day, it may just happen to you.

when cyfs come knocking on your door, and take your child/ren with only allegations and no proof whatsoever, and the lawyers are to damned scared to take on a government department like that - what will YOU do? where will YOU go? who will YOU turn to?

it's ok though. we'll be waiting at cyfswatch, and then you'll just be another "cyfs basher" with no proof...