Monday, January 22, 2007

Anti-CYF internet action

A group has set up an anti-CYF website which is the subject of this news report.

The report obviously doesn't advertise the name of the website and the only one I am aware of is PANIC

Does anybody know of a new website? Again we see the synergistic power of the internet at work. To what end I am unsure.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks Anon. There is some pretty harrowing stuff there. I am neither pro nor anti-CYF given they work in such a fraught area. On one hand they are seen to have too much power but on the other, the role of a govt, if nothing else, must be to protect life. If a child is in danger the law must protect him. Of course, assessing the genuineness or degree of danger is where the minefield begins.

Anonymous said...

Reality is CYFFS abuse, lie, cheat and take life. They do not protect, these NAZIS rob, lie and steal and cause so much pain and suffering. CYFFS are aa very wicked and evil GESTAPO who needs to be brought to justice once and for all.

Takedown Cyfs said...

I agree with you they are the most disturbing people(cyfs) I have ever dealt with- they are kidnappers that hold your children at ransom for you to do as they ask. They break families up and traumatise both the parents and children. They took my son from me at the same time they took custody of him - them took him to the local police station and evidentially interviewed him twice - I have not seen my nine year old son since October 2009- he still remains in Cyfs care- I am devastated by this it is like my son has died and I miss him so much- be careful of those monsters

RAPONI said...

My dearest friend,

My tears I ask if I can share with you, my three precious babies my boy - age 10,my two little girls age 8 & 9 taken from the aroha,the awhi and the korowai of their mama's heart and that of my people July 23 2009 from Rotorua. Mischief father and his partner's support influenced evidence interviews by falsifying documents as a witness to allegations, CYFS took my babies and then they pissed off! when I released documentation that had contradicted their procedures- and the allegations. Today I have a Judge in litigation for the part she played or lack of!, 2 sets of lawyers who emailed to other colleagues that quote, "she's a nutter" because I knew more than they did about the court processess and therefore I didn't have problems instructing them, ....OMG....thats the short summary of my journey. Today I am fighting the judicial system and I am taking the Judge with whom I had a mistrial in August 2011 to the Judicial Conduct commissioner for trying to take me to the slaughter house without a fair trial, awaitng my trial in April in order to slapp a few tossers around!. I understand your pain, I understand your need to cradle and see your boy and the unsummountable emotional rollercoaster that we compare to as a tangi, however a tangi at least allows us to be passionate with our pain and we have the opportunity to surrender to let go!, the unreliability of not knowing when you will see him again denies us of that privilage.
Stand fast in your convictions, weave your korowai of support and surround yourself with all things manaakitanga!! I have set up a Bay of Plenty Family Advocacy service here in Rotorua to protest through the pen and public marches, and internet awareness networks and I am coallating case studies to throw on the table of Paula Bennett to wake up, stop the lip service and AMEND the ACT because X amount of thousands of the nations system abused parents are over this movie and where ACTIONING our distainment. I have all the time in the world since they took my mother responsibilities away from me without whanau consultation