Thursday, December 07, 2006

Race-based funding persists

I was under the impression the government had moved away from race-based funding. The Otago DHB has awarded a contract for a Maori-focused health service in Central Otago.

Southlink Health Maori Health project manager Wayne Smith said cost, transport and a problem accessing doctors during work hours were all issues for Maori.

The new service would provide a necessary link between health services and Maori, many of whom were "uncomfortable" in that environment, he said.

The justification goes, this is needs-based funding, but is there anything in the above that isn't true of many low-income non-Maori?


Anonymous said...

I haven't got the stats right in front of me, but doesn't central Otago have bugger all Maoris?


Lindsay Mitchell said...

From memory the article said 930