Thursday, November 09, 2006

False complaints

This case is disquieting, to put it mildly. The former policeman has been found not guilty of rape charges yet the person who made the false accusations gets name suppression? Will charges be laid against her? And now it is revealed that the case only went to court because it is one that the PM "personally" referred to a commission of inquiry into Police conduct, according to the man's lawyer, Gary Gottlieb.

Mr Gottlieb said there was a huge bill for private investigators and Ogle had to sell his house to met his costs.

"If we hadn't done what we did and had treated it like an ordinary trial, he would have been rolled.

"This is the trouble with anyone. If the state brings its forces against you, it is so bloody hard to stand up to it," Mr Gotlieb said.

And then, on a related subject, you have to wonder what motivates people to make false complaints. Coincidentally while pondering that I received this in the letterbox;

$100,000. And you pay nothing unless they get a result. Seems to me we are increasingly appealing to the worst aspects of human nature.


David said...

Just because he was found not guilty does not mean the complaint was false, it means there was not enough evidence to convict. The obligation is on the prosecution to provide evidence beyond reasonable doubt. Any counter claim would have to provide evidence beyond reasonable doubt to the contrary. It's just as possible that the evidence will fall somewhere in the middle where the law cannot convict either party. Reguardless of the manor to which it reached the court system, forming an opinion about the validity of a complaint based on non conviction alone is flawed.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Fair point.

Anonymous said...

you pay nothing unless they get a result

I've had it work for me. There are people in the United States that have occasionally taken my intellectual property and tried to sell it as their own.

Each and every time I have got them to back down by threatening to take it to "any of the no-result-no-fee litigators who would take my case in a heartbeat".

They're scum really, but they also allow me to apply legal pressure in a jurisdiction half a world away.

Anonymous said...

David what is worrying is that Her Majesty helen Clark is behind all these historic "rape" cases. There seems to be a pattern developing here. Gotlieb, who represented the defendant, has made a comment about it. The "manner" that it reached the courts shows a personal vendetta being waged by our Prime Minister.

Swimming said...

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