Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Extreme rhetoric" - the new hit words

As a rather restrained type I find Clark's new attack on Don Brash quite shocking.

To describe him as "corrosive and cancerous" is incredibly nasty. She is rattled. And this move seems almost suicidal.

She has just been talking to Larry Williams on NewstalkZB and used the word extreme no less than 9 times, climbed into the Matthew Hooton again, and said it is almost impossible to have any civilised discourse with a party that uses extreme rhetoric. He (Brash) is doing damage to the NZ political system. His polarisation and extreme rhetoric has made a relationship between the government and opposition almost impossible.

Isn't it ironic that the one c word Brash was accurately accused of being not so long ago was "chivalrous"?

(Just out of interest I searched "corrosive and cancerous" thinking she must have picked it up somewhere. It keeps coming up as a description used by a US governor referring to corrupt political campaign funding. That's a coincidence.)


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Anonymous said...

If she were spitting any more venom she could host a "Politically Incorrect" radio show.

Brian Smaller said...

I do not think that Clark does anything 'off the cuff'. This latest attack looks rehearsed and part of their strategy. Mallard getting smacked for his actions, when Clark sat there smirking and laughing at his comments is completely see through. Can anyone believe her now?

The way she goes on about Exclusive Bretheren sounds like someone in Germany in the 1920s and early 30s demonizig the Jews. Their evil hands are everywhere! It is sickening. She just cannot stand that people don't like her government.